Are you still deciding on choosing the right digital agency in Dublin? There are lots of important factors that should be taken into account before making your decision on choosing the right digital agency in Dublin, and we’re here to break some of those factors down and help you decide on making the right choice. After all, this is a decision that will impact the performance and budget of your business so this isn’t something that should be decided on upon first sight of a fancy website, or a cool marketing slogan you hear from their advertisement.

Understanding your situation
Every business has its own needs, goals, and budget to spend. Your budget would include costs such as website development (if needed) SEO, paid advertising on various platforms, management of accounts etc. Once you can identify what your needs, goals, and budgets are. You can begin to have a plan structured out for your company on how to use your budget to meet your goals and needs as cost-effective as possible.

Industry Specialization
Your digital agency should straight away, be familiar with your industry and if anything, they should specialize in helping companies in your industry. If they have made companies in your industry successful before, there’s a good chance they can do it again with your company.

Their Clients and case studies

Have they any big name clients? Have they any good case studies to demonstrate the impact that they made on a client? This is definitely something to look out for seeing as it will give you more of an idea of what you can expect.

Your Relationship
Having a good relationship with the digital agency you’re working with is crucial. Do they spend time educating you on things that may provide value to you down the line? Do they take their time and make you feel comfortable when chatting to them over the phone? If your digital agency tends to always be in a hurry and tries to get things done too fast then this can lead to some disasters down the line and is definitely something to look out for. You must make sure your digital agency actually cares about solving your problems rather than just getting money out of your pocket.

How modern is the digital agency you have in mind?
Do they work well with Responsive website designs? Do they have up to date knowledge on the latest tools, plugins and the entire digital scene for that matter? Digital is changing every day. Updates are happening more than we can keep up with, new technologies and trends emerge every day. You should be looking for an agency who keeps themselves up to date on everything.

What’s their own brand like?
This is important because in order for an agency to stay alive they need clients. So some important factors to look at would be the following

What’s the digital agencies website quality like? This can turn customers off it is designed poorly so it’s good to confirm that your digital agency cares about its own website.
Do they have awards?
Do they care about their office? This shows that they care about multiple aspects of their business and not only what their “online image” looks like. If you can physically see their office being of high quality. You’ll know you’re dealing with a digital agency that actually takes themselves seriously.
Test their website out for bugs, this speaks for itself. If they can’t fix their own brand issues there may be a problem.
Is their on-site content persuasive? Again, you want to make sure your agency has the ability to sell anybody they possibly can. If they did a good job keeping you hooked then their content did its job. This is a good sign because the chances are, they can be also very persuasive with your content also.

These are just some of the ways you can identify whether or not a digital agency is worth going further with. If you would like to discover a digital agency who is strictly focused on outcomes and ROI (return on investment) then feel free to contact us for a free consultancy.