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We have over 6 years in service to medical and Pharma companies in e-commerce website design, website development and digital marketing services. We understand the needs of medical website design, development and the needs of those customers. We are the only vendor you need in Ireland to make digital a success for your e-commerce. Digital4Medical is our answer to medical and e-commerce digital marketing needs. Customer and traffic acquisition through social media, SEO,Google Adwords, and inbound digital marketing, maximum conversions through optimised website design, customer retention and repeat business through database and email marketing strategies.

Website Design & Development 100%
Search Engine Optimisation 100%
Graphic Design 100%
Website Management & Maintenance 100%
Video Production & Animations 100%
Google Adwords Performance 100%
Hosting and Maintaining Servers 100%

Trulife Breastcare, USA & Ireland.

We have been working with Trulife since early 2015. Trulife are an international business with over 50 years’ experience in the creation, development, manufacture and marketing of niche healthcare and consumer products. Together, we identified an opportunity to create a stand alone identity for the Breastcare Division within Trulife and set about building that identity out through a new web presence.



Regelle, Co.Dublin, Ireland.

Regelle is vaginal moisturiser, clinically proven to provide immediate relief from dryness and discomfort. The product is owned by Kora Healthcare and up until 2017 was simply one of many products on the group website. Like Trulife, the company decided it was time to define an identity for the product and brand of Regelle. We have built a WooCommerce WordPress website on a modern, clinical, user friendly, informative, responsive ecommerce theme. The website boasts product USP’s while allowing consumers to order directly, while also catering for the companies distribution partners by offering them access to a partner login area where we offer them a library of media files and product data.

Deflux, Co.Dublin, Ireland.

The VUR app for surgeons is used to explain the condition of Vesicoureteral Reflux. Surgeons are encouraged to use this app daily to inform patients on their conditions and how they can be treated. The app is designed to assist surgeons in their daily routines. The application displays the 5 grades of VUR through captivating, interactive animations and illustrations. Easy to use, self explanatory, with utilities such as the highlighter pen, pinch and zoom, search integration and a complete backend CMS (content management suite) for patient brochures / scan uploads / imagery and supporting documentation. Each surgeon can upload unique content via their own private web service.

Trulife Clinical Services, United Kingdom.

Like Trulife Breastcare, the Trulife companies division of “Clinical Services” was starved of an identity. Together with the Clinical Services team we built a stand alone responsive website which showcases the orthotic clinical services, orthoses and custom made footwear the company supplies to NHS Trusts across the UK.

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