So you want to grow your dentistry practice and get more patients online? You’ve probably heard terms such as “Digital Marketing” or “SEO” & “PPC” etc. As a dentist, its not really your job to automatically know any of this by default. We’re here to break down most of these terms and we also want to show you how you can use these terms to grow your patients and your dentistry practice.

Good User Experience Design (UX)
In short, a good UX is creating an easy to use website that helps users reach their goals as quick, easy and as stress free as possible.

How can good UX grow your patient numbers in your Dental Practice?
A good UX design for your dental practice could be lots of things, an example would be a website that lets patients book their appointments in less than 3 mouse clicks. Or another example of good UX would be to create an easy to understand treatment page that quickly fulfils your visitors informational needs. The overall goal is to create a pleasant experience that wont put anybody off using your dental practice website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, makes your website appear in Google search engine. It involves targeting particular search terms that your audience would be searching for. If you design your webpages good enough to contain these keywords. Your webpage will be ranked high on Google search engine. When you rank high on the search engine your dental practice website will draw in more traffic.

How can SEO grow your Dental Practice Patients?
SEO can help draw in more traffic to your dental practice website which can result in more potential customers. The best thing about SEO is that when people who click onto your website are already quite interested in your services seeing as they searched for dentistry related terms on the Google search engine. They need less convincing and are already qualified to sell to. We call these qualified leads.

Pay Per Click (PPC)
Pay per click or PPC, is an advertising format where you only pay money for each click your created advertisement gets. This form of advertising is much cheaper than using paid advertising for your dentistry practice traditionally, such as newspaper placements and radio advertisements.

How can PPC grow your Dentistry Practice Patients?
Paid advertising can place your dentistry website above the organic search results on Google. This means you can have people see and click into your dentistry practice website before anyone else’s.

Obviously to retain the customer you cannot strictly rely on your ad to do all the work. Your landing page (page the visitor will see after clicking the ad) has to be effective and meet certain marketing and UX requirements, such as easy to understand treatment information and such. Your marketing messages must be also clear and easy for the visitor to understand. They need to see the value of your offer as easily as possible.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Social media marketing or SMM, is using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, to acquire customers or meet other business goals, such as establishing relationships, brand awareness, reputation management and anything that contributes to maintaining or growing your dental practice.

How can social media marketing grow your Dental Practice?
To grow your dental practice patients on social media you need to apply valuable content that can get people interested enough to want to engage with your brand. These could be pictures of before and afters of your patients. Competitions that aim to raise brand awareness and collect customer information, important announcements, relationship building with other media companies or for collaborating with other businesses. The list goes on.

Retargeting (aka Remarketing)
Re-targeting and selling to people who already bought from you or visited you is much easier than finding a new person from scratch.

How can Remarketing grow your Dental Practice Patients?
Something as simple of using a setting in your paid advertising tool or sending your customer an SMS or an email making them aware of a new offer can easily get them to give you custom once again. If you don’t have any new offers you can still maintain a relationship with your customer, sending them a weekly or monthly email with educational content can be very effective. It shows them that you value them enough to want to teach them things. This builds massive trust and should make you one of their main choices when choosing a dental practice to visit.

Patient Reviews and Testimonials
Ever wonder what a product or a service is like before trying it? Of course you do, its normal for us to be curious and wonder if we should trust what is put on front of us. Reviews and testimonials tells the story of the experience that your previous patients have had. This will contribute to building trust and credibility.

How patient reviews and testimonials grow your Dentistry Practice
Having a previous patient post a review talking about how pleasant, professional and comfortable their experience was, will definitely help the next customer in their decision making process. Having a review system for a dentist is very important because if someone can validate your dentist being professional and being able to deliver on anything will that help reduce their anxiety, then you’ve done well and will very likely have that person become a patient. People want their anxiety to be as low as possible before visiting the dentist. Having reviews and content to help ease their anxiety is what can win you patients.

Analytics and Tracking Website Data
Analytics are statistics that your website can track and report back to you about. These statistics would be things such as tracking how people use your website and what they use the most on your website. Looking at these analytics can give you insights that can help you improve your website, which will result in more patients.

How can analytics grow your Dentistry Practice
Analytics can tell you which pages aren’t working, it can also show you what is working, which you can further improve on. You could have a page that works great, but the customer might find it hard to find the contact form from that page. This could result in your potential patient leaving your website and using a competitors instead. Having easy to find pages and a website that helps keep users engaged definitely increases the chances of them booking an appointment at your dental practice.

A basic referral could be giving a discount to a current patient if they refer their friends.

How can referrals grow your Dental Practice Patients?
Giving patients a discount on their next visit or even giving them a gift or voucher for every referral they get for you is a very effective practice.

Email marketing
Very similar to remarketing, the goal with email marketing is to meet business goals through sending emails to your patient list. Your list is your collection of email addresses in your database. If you don’t have a database of email addresses you can collect emails through creating competitions that require people to give you their email addresses or by simply asking customers or website visitors to fill out a form. The person must be given a valid reason why they should give you their email address bare in mind.

How email marketing can grow your Dentistry Practice
Let’s say you have your list, a good starting idea to grow your dental practice patients would be to create an email for your list that would link to some informational content on how to maintain your teeth or any sort of material that would provide value to your potential patient. Email marketing is effective because you’re marketing to the person through their inbox. People cant help but read things that appear in their inbox, so your chances of having them engage are much higher than using a banner advertisement somewhere.

An online only offer that beats your competitors!
Using online only offers can give people a reason to use your website and take interest in your online presence. You can also check your competitors offers that they have available on their website and do an analysis on them.

How using offers can grow your Dentistry Practice
An online only offer can be availed by having the user take a certain action on your website, such as filling out a particular form or receiving their offer through an email marketing campaign.

Final Words
So now that you know what each of these digital buzzwords mean, you can now use them to get ahead of your competitors, and most importantly, take advantage of an entire new marketing area where your competitors are still very new to. Remember, those who arrive first get the best seats!

If you’re interested in growing your dentistry practice with Digital Marketing, then why not have us do it all for you? We specialise in high quality digital marketing services that guarantee better results for your business. For more information feel free to contact our friendly team here.