While the sexy social media’s; snap chat, Instagram and the micro targeting advertising abilities of Facebook seem to be the holy grail! Email marketing remains one of the best performing digital marketing tools out there!

Acquiring a qualified email from a consumer remains a golden nugget when it comes to marketing leading to direct sales and conversions.

Having an email/data collection strategy in your company is absolutely paramount, actually; mandatory! no matter what your business activity is.

With a big enough email database, cleansed to a high concentration of exact target market, email marketing performance can be insanely profitable!

As businesses, we collect email addresses over time, through people who’ve bought from us before, people who download a free ebook, register their interest, or fill in a form to name a few.

If you are operating correctly, these email addresses then become part of your database, which you should constantly and creatively market to. Even if it’s just a monthly “This is what we got up to this month“.

We call this the Washing Machine!

Meaning, all the while you are adding new emails, people who are not interested, or never going to buy from you, will unsubscribe at the other end. Leaving you with a database of emails, that is highly concentrated with the people who are either buying from your marketing, or by staying there, telling you they are interested and may buy in the future! This is the cleanse.

They are in the washing machine until they do one of two things!

The either unsubscribe or buy from you!

Over time you will have the most valuable asset a sales and marketing team can ever ask for. A great email database.

Every time you send out an effective email campaign, with a strong database, sales and conversions are guaranteed.

How successful you are will depend on the quality and effectiveness of your emails. Is the message strong, are the calls to action effective etc. Apart from maximising your database growth, this is where Boom 22 can truly help. We get you a return on your investments!


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