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Trulife Breastcare, USA, Canada, UK & Ireland.

Customer Acquisition, Education, Retail Support.

We have been working with Trulife since early 2015. Trulife are an international business with over 50 years’ experience in the creation, development, manufacture and marketing of niche healthcare and consumer products. Together, we identified an opportunity to create a stand alone identity for the Breastcare Division within Trulife and set about building that identity out through a new web presence.

Website Design & Development 100%
Retailer Platform Design & Development 100%
Graphic Design 100%
Search Engine Optimisation 100%
Content Management 100%

We Built & Manage Their Website!

We are part of the team.

The goal was to offer two user groups a modern resource to access the company, it’s products and it’s resources. General consumers user trulifebreastcare.com to research the products and find where they are available for sale. Retailers use the site to access a retailer’s exclusive area, where they can access a fully loaded media bank to support their business.

The site is Geo-specific, targeting USA, Canada< UK & Ireland, and the rest of the world. Dependant on what territory you visit from you will see customised and localised content. The Canadian version of the site even offers a full French option.

The Website! What did we build?

We built a purpose built consumer and retailer website on the WordPress platform. The website boasts a full collection of the companies products, accompanied by all complimentary and associated documentation, PDF’s, imagery and supporting information. The site also hosts a retail location to allow consumers quickly find their nearest stockist. Retailers enjoy full access to all high resolution product imagery for their own marketing, weather that be print or digital. They also have access to full technical resources of the product, empowering them to self server their account.

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Ranking & Traffic Performance.

Boom 22 manage the search engine optimisation of trulifebreastcare.com. We actively work on making sure the site ranks for certain targeted search terms, and most importantly, that it beats the rankings of the companies competitors. This is a competitive marketplace with ambitious competitors, thus we consistently work hard on ensuring trulifebreastcare.com is up there to compete!

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