5 iPad Apps & 7 Websites

Mobile Apps

To support the global reach of the company, we have developed a state of the art iPad mobile app for all five company brands. Each mobile app is designed to boast the companies product offering in a premium fashion. Customers from all over the world are invited to download the app by the global sales managers and in turn the global distribution network, right from the big importer down to the end user, and all of the architects, interior designers and contractors in between. Offering tools like this, truly compliment the companies premium world class image and how it and it’s products are perceived.

Website Design

The company has five main brands, Timbertop® , Woodline Parquetry® , Floor Art® , Sienna® & Elyseum®. Each brand has a dedicated website, hosting all of the brands product offering, supporting documentation and global contact information.

Annual Support Tour To Domotex Germany.

Each January we travel to Hannover, Germany to support the company on their annual European expo. Domotex is the worlds biggest flooring show. Every year all of Forestry’s agents, sales managers, distributors and customers congregate to do business, make annual plans and review performance, also to be introduced to the companies latest products. We are their to support them on the technical side of things, help and presentations around their websites and apps while also serving to promote this utilities to old and new customers.

Full Management & Maintenance Service

As with every digital marketing asset, the engine that runs them is paramount. We supply work class hosting using integrated CDN (Content Delivery Networks) to ensure all corners of the globe are covered for the distribution of the websites and Apps.

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