Cocktail Menu Mobile App

As part of a Residence Members Club take over, Belvedere Vodka of Edward Dillon commissioned the creation of the Belvedere Vodka Cocktail Menu Mobile App, for use by the clubs patrons to select which cocktail they would like to enjoy.

App Development & Install

On 5 Tablets.

We developed this app on Android and installed it on five custom Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1″ tablets. Working directly with the CEO and closely with the brand managers in Edward Dillon, we delivered this app in a super fast turn around. The demo was presented to the european board of directors before approval for launch.

Launch At Residence Members Club, Dublin, Ireland.

Launched exclusively in Residence Members Club, one of Dublin’s most exclusive venues. Residence caters to the needs of Dublin’s customers, delivering a unique style of professional and personal world-class hospitality. The tablets complete with app installed were delivered to Residence and offered to patrons as a digital cocktail menu on which to select which beautiful cocktail they would like to enjoy.

Custom Wrapped Tablet Cases.

The app delivers the very best in quality, captivation and experience, in line with the Belvedere Vodka © brand. To finish the standard of delivery we have designed and created custom tablet cases, wrapped in branded water proof vinyl.

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