As good as the business may be online, everyone is prone to making website mistakes. The thing is, using an online platform to sell can consist of many problems that people can be unaware of. Hopefully, by the time you finish reading this, you can be aware of some potential weaknesses your online business and patch them up.

#1 Making the process too long

Stressing the customer out is a huge website mistake, slow loading, or having to read too much can make someone never want to come back to your website. Keep things simple and people will remember how pleasant their experience was. try and put yourself in the customer’s shoes, and consider how they will experience your site.

#2 No Search Box

People might be too impatient to look through menus, especially while trying to find a quick fix for a problem. They would rather talk to the website and type their problem in than to look for it. So don’t make the website mistake of just giving your visitor a menu to look at, they want options, they want to search, let them!

#3 Bad fonts and sizes

This website mistake can force a visitor to work harder to make sense of what they read. It could even result in them re-reading most of the content due to how confusing it was, good sized fonts, visually presenting some of your points and also using lots of white space is a recommended practice.

#4 Old Designs

Old designs immediately cause a customer to think…”Are these guys still in business?”. This is your shop front to the world, present it accordingly. People are fickle online and will bounce straight back to the Google search result page if you give them any excuse.

#5 Scroll Hijack
Another trend we’re seeing a lot of is the scroll hijack. Websites that implement this trend take control of the scroll prevent the user from using the web page, which can easily lead to frustration. It’s a risky experiment that could hurt the usability. Scroll hijacking can work sometimes but it’s best to follow the right way of doing it
Now that you know these 5 simple website mistakes, you can work on fixing them. If this blog was insightful, why not check out the right way of a web design process