Growing your online businesses in Ireland can present you with many opportunities and it can also make you lots of money if you know how to do it right, this short guide will aim to fill in some gaps with Irish companies who wish to expand and to even potentially wish to reach the European market.

#1 Customer Relationships and Reputation

Focus on customer relationships (focus on wow’ing your customers and giving them an experience that they won’t forget or get anywhere else) making a certain process easy for a customer, when they wish to return an item would be a good example. Doing something cool for a customer or to even compensate them in a way that could end up going viral will all contribute greatly to your reputation, which is very important online.
For example, our client Best Menswear gives branded mints in each of their online delivery packages as a little gift.

#2 Using Buttons To Grab Attention

This may be something small, but it can play a huge part in keeping a customer interested in your website, the way you present your website buttons need to be clear and the buttons also need a sprinkle of marketing language thrown on them in order for effectivity.

Let’s say you run a healthy food website for example.

Instead of a having a boring button such a “blog” why not rename your button to something that can promise the customer something. Having a button with text saying “Learn how to get healthy” would be a lot more catchy to have.

This will make the customer realise that is a lot to learn and give them a reason to stay on the website, which will result in them gaining more trust for your brand, assuming that your content provides the right values that is! In order to keep growing your business in Ireland successfully, you need to implement as many of these aspects into your website as possible.

#3 Stop using your social media to just “be there”

“Being there” on social media just tells customers that you exist online. Social media has a lot more to it than that. Why not use social media to generate money? Why not use it to form industry partners?
Hiring a social media manager or even using in-house staff to manage your social media presence should be a priority. It requires a strategy and a few extra resources, but it pays off very well in the long run.

#4 Using online advertising can work out cheaper than advertising traditionally

Which means you can benefit greatly, think of it, if you have a traditional advertising budget of €100k, with half that budget you could reach even more targeted customers online, and most likely save lots of money while doing so. We can get micro-specific on our target market online, Male > Dublin > Interested in: football for example. The spend v’s return is entirely transparent. Growing your business in Ireland would definitely benefit from saving an extra €50k. This could even go into hiring an experienced full-time social media manager.

#5 Conduct the right research on customers

Your target market uses their own slang, likes particular colours and they also get attracted to certain smells. Starbucks having a strong coffee aroma outside their stores are a great example, DIY stores making their stores smell like freshly cut grass is another great example. This research is widely available online or can even be conducted through talking to customers, giving our surveys etc. You need to let the customer know straight away that you speak their language and that you truly understand how they work.
Otherwise, they’ll find someone else who does. Using this tactic for growing your business in Ireland is very advanced and not many businesses are doing it. This is marketing at its best when in practice. Now that you learned these 5 ways of growing your business in ireland, you may be interested in 5 website mistakes you could be making that are losing you customers.