Customer Psychology is important for every business online. Once you understand Customer Psychology, you can embed it into your website and marketing campaigns to contribute more sales. These customer psychology tips will work at any stage of your sales funnel, even if its at the starting stage of attracting people to your brand. These Customer Psychology tips can help meet various goals so lets jump right in.

#1 Brand association
Leverage well-known brands to validate your brand with them, people recognise well-known brands, trust is automatically gained through association. This is an exceptional tool when you want to convince a customer that you offer a quality product or service. Think about it! If you were interested in buying CRM software for your tech company, what would build more trust than seeing a company like Microsoft also using the CRM you’re interested in? The first things that would come to mind would be “well if Microsoft relies on this as their CRM it must be reliable and effective” these are thoughts that can quickly lead to a purchase decision.

#2 Move them away from pain
Another great psychology tip is to realise that people like moving away from pain, if you can promise a fix for their pain by saying your message, guide or any of your material in a non complicated way, you will keep the person interested. Causing confusion or misunderstandings can lead to many customers walking away and finding a better place to absorb material.

#3 Say things differently
Say things at a different angle, don’t say you can buy it now for only 49.99. Tell them, by making this investment you can benefit greatly and here’s how! Talk about the quality of the product and how it can appeal to their senses. Car companies such as Audi and BMW appeal to peoples senses greatly in their advertisements, they appeal to the “touch” sense by showing people how nice and comfortable their car feels from the inside, they also appeal to visual senses by showing off their gorgeous exterior designs.

What do we get out of this tip? You need to find better ways of making your product sound attractive, for example instead of a car company saying “Buy our car, it has a high quality interior” The car company would spice it up and say something along the lines of “Drive the new BMW 5 series with performance and comfort” when you talk this way you aren’t focusing on asking for the sale directly, but what you’re doing is talking about how attractive the product is, and if people get hooked on its attractiveness. You then have interest.

#4 Narrow your talks down to the benefits
Always stress the most important selling point for your product as big and as loudly as possible, this is one of the more basic psychology tips but it’s one that many people tend to ignore. You need to feature your leading benefit everywhere and make the benefit clear to everyone, on your homepage, on your social media bio, where ever you think people will look the most. Having your most important message highlighted is important, because it’s what keeps people interested and looking for more information. Sell the outcome of your product before the features.

#5 Adapt to attention spans
Did you know that our attention spans are lower than a goldfish?
That’s scary, especially if you already suffer from a poor website that has a hard time keeping visitors. However some simple checks and fixes do exist. Making blogs and pages more visual, people make sense and digest visuals quick. Large readable titles and body texts are also recommended to keep users reading without frustration. Because remember what we said before, people like moving away from stress and pain, so the slightist hiccup in your blog can end up moving them away.

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